Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Be Excited! Project Mgmt Workshop on Nov. 6th!

These are the learning objectives of the half-day workshop from 8am-Noon on November 6th. Be sure to sign up and stay for the afternoon session, 12:30-4:30pm. It includes hands-on application, one-on-one coaching by a project management expert, and breakout sessions to further develop on the skills from the morning session.

(Please note! Location has been changed to Tero International., 1840 NW 118th Street, Clive, IA 50325).

You are invited to leave your comments on this posting and share with us the objective you're most excited to learn and why.

1. Define your training and development project using commonly used project management terms, concepts, and principles

2. Reconcile popular models of project management, instructional systems design, product development, and human performance technology to inform you on your unique training and development project life cycle

3. Plan your training and development project using a robust project planning procedure

4. Select and apply proven project management tools to your training and development projects based on your projects unique needs

5. Assess your training and development projects’ health using the Seven Keys to Success

6. Draft an action plan for your training and development project


Dan said...

The course is coming together well! Our approach will be hands on, interactive, and practical. You'll even get a chance to do a bit of training yourself! Bring your training design projects with you for one-on-one help and problem solving. See you November 3rd!

Dan said...

OOPS. I meant to say, See you on November 6th. What was I thinking!?


Cheryl said...


This was a program to be excited about. Job well done to you and those who volunteered to present and coach during the afternoon workshop.

Thank you all for your efforts to make this program a success!