Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Project Management Recap

Friday’s quarterly program “Project Management for Instructional Designers and Human Resources Development” was an exciting learning experience as to how learning and development professionals can add basic project management skills to enhance programs they are responsible for overseeing.

Dan Topf began this highly interactive program with the basic project management skills that we can use to develop programs while comparing them to other instructional design and project management designs that are commonly used today. We actually developed a complete program using project management skills.

The afternoon was filled with seven different sessions that people could attend in order to get their questions answered and learn more about a project that they are currently responsible for completing. These seven sessions included Stakeholders Are Committed, Business Benefits Are Realized, Work and Schedule are Predictable, Project Team Is High Performing, Scope is Realistic and Managed, Risks Are Mitigated, and Instructional Design Special Issues. Each session was given four times, with each round lasting 20 minutes. Participants could select up to four different topics to attend. Coaching was also available for people to talk about issues they have with their current projects.

This all could not have happened as smoothly as it did without the help of the presenters and volunteers with project management experience from ASTD and Project Management Institute – Central Iowa Chapter.

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Nathaniel @ project management institute certification said...

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