Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Creative Leader Breakout Session for April 1, 2011 Event

The Creative Leader – What To Do When the Way’s Not Clear

Presented by Mike Wagner (

Skilled speaker, facilitator, business leadership consultant for more than 30 years, Mike Wagner is founder and CEO of White Rabbit Group, a nationwide consulting firm specializing in building effective leadership and unique brands. Mike specializes in identifying organizations’ “sticking points” and implementing changes to get them “unstuck” so they can break through to the next level.

Mike’s breakout will introduce the strategic importance of “creativity” as a leadership competency. Participants will be taught two mental models that support creative leaders in their work. Deeply ingrained assumptions and generalizations regarding how leaders approach their role will be examined. Skills and resources will be shared for attendees to use and apply as part of their practice as HR professionals.

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