Monday, July 19, 2010

The Case of the Teflon Trainee Review

On July 9th, Terrence Donahue presented an eye-opening interactive workshop for the ASTD Central Iowa Chapter - The Case of the Teflon Trainee: Overcoming Obstacles to Make Your Training Stick. And for those who did not attend, you missed a very informative program about obstacles that prevent training from sticking and how to overcome them. Some of the highlights that can help training and management look at transfer of training more closely are:

  • Consider the cost of unused training! Ask management what training actually costs. Ask them how much it will cost the company if training is not done. Finally ask them what the cost is if training was provided, but not used on the job.
  • Form a performance partnership among trainers, managers, and employees. Training has a partnership with employees and management to assess the needs and train. Management partners with training and employees during and after the training. It should be managers who are responsible for performing Level 3 evaluations for determining if skills are being used at work. Employees have a partnership with trainers and managers to identify what they are to learn and how it will be applied on the job.

How can training help with this process? Why not train managers how to help their employees use the newly learned skills. Meet with management prior to training to discuss a plan of action for helping employees transfer skills to their jobs.

If you attended the workshop, please feel free to comment on more of the information you believe was pertinent to you.

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