Saturday, July 3, 2010

Terrence Donahue Interview: Part II

What should Training and Development professionals do to strengthen their case for training?

Mr. Donahue: Help executives and business leaders to understand 3 things...
  1. The cost of training,
  2. The cost of not training, and,
  3. The cost of training provided that has not been applied on the job. This thrid item is a crucial conversation.


What is your Myers-Briggs profile?

Mr. Donahue: ESTJ, but I'm a borderline introvert. I don't like being the center of attention, but really enjoy facilitating.


How can a trainer make the most of his/her personality, and avoid worrying about some of the traits or characteristics s/he lacks?

Mr. Donahue: I try to remember that no matter what I do in Training and Development, my main product is the job performance of learners, so I focus on their ability to learn and apply the training. I like to ask trainers, "What is your product?" Interestingly, many of them have no idea; they don't know how to respond.


On the Personal Side....

Terrence has 2 boys and 2 girls, all under 14 years old. When asked what his favorite family activity is, he said "Just talking with them - asking questions and listening." No doubt, home is where he's gained some of his best listening skills!


Remember the question from Part I Is Terrence's favorite actor:
A) Will Smith
B) Charles Bronson
C) Bob Hope
D) Leonardo DiCaprio

If you guessed "C" Bob Hope, you're correct!

-- by Chris Ballew, Programming Committee

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